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This past fall I saw a tweet about a new ministry by Simply Youth called Soul Care.  I took a look at the site and thought it was an area that has been needed in youth ministry for the longest time.  Over the past six months I’ve had to deal with several things in ministry and in my personal life that I was unsure where to go to for answers, prayer, an ear to listen, and advice.  One night in September after praying for several hours about a difficult situation in ministry I was dealing with I opened up twitter on my iPhone and saw a tweet from @SYMsoulcare .  It was asking for any prayer requests.  So I sent a DM to them and had a response within a few minutes.  The next day I filled out the form and got a call from one of my friends who is a big part of SYM Soul Care and talked to him about the situation.  It was great to have an ear outside of my everyday circle to listen to what was going on.  It was even more encouraging with the followup and knowing so many were praying for me and my situation.

Since that time I have leaned on SYM soul care for several ministry and personal situations.   On their site, SYM Soul Care describes their ministry as:

Everyone experiences highs & lows in life & ministry, and sometimes it can feel like there is no “safe place” to turn when things get tough. But you’re not alone. Simply Soul Care is a new ministry outreach from Group & Simply Youth Ministry that offers youth workers free, confidential pastoral support when you need it. It’s like “urgent care” for a youth worker’s heart & soul! This ministry first began onsite as “the Shelter” at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, and we’ve realized the need extends outside the conference walls all year long.

Like I described in one of my situations back in September, they go above and beyond the call in a much needed area.  Thanks to this amazing group of people!  They have been a light during a few dark and confusing times over the past few months.  They are more than just a text, an email, or phone call.  They are a network of prayer warriors that are Kingdom minded!  I’m very glad to have them in youth ministry.  It is a long overdue ministry that is and has been needed.  I look back at the last fourteen plus years of ministry and wished they would have been there for other times.

I’m a strong believer in prayer and helping others build up the body of Christ.  If you are going through something personally or professionally in youth ministry, don’t care the burden yourself.  Take a moment and go to their site and fill out the form.  You will not regret it.  And if you are going to SYMC next month be sure to join the Facebook group to connect with them while you are there.  And if you are going to SYMC leave a comment below or shoot me a message on here, twitter @uscerock , or Facebook.  I would love to catch up with you there!


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